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Alberta Association of the Deaf (AAD) is an action-oriented organization of, for and by the Deaf. AAD seeks to improve the lives of thousands of Deaf Albertans and to give encouragement and support to Deaf children and their parents. AAD was incorporated in 1972 by the Province of Alberta as a provincial society.

AAD is committed to ensuring that the rights and personal or collective dignity of deaf Albertans are respected in the areas of employment, education, recreation, housing, interpreting, and language barriers.

AAD is affiliated with local, provincial, national and international associations of the Deaf.

AAD's programs include:

  1. Children and Youth: supporting summer camps for Deaf youth, and Youth Canada Tournament of the Deaf
  2. Education and Learning: supporting adult upgrading programs, learning resources for Deaf school-age students and captioning at theatres
  3. Language and Literacy: advocating ASL and promoting respect for the linguistic attributes of ASL
  4. Research and Development: supporting research and development initiatives and participation in conferences which highlight and move this body of work forward
  5. Health and Well Being: motivational and awareness/information-sharing workshops
  6. Rights and Entitlements: advocating quality of life and rights/entitlements
  7. Liaison: liaising between Deaf and other communities at local, regional and provincial levels
  8. Technology: enhancement of access to/at public and private sector venues.

Major Projects

Services for Deaf Seniors - Community Support Worker: AAD has for the past two years hired a community support worker through grant funds; the worker visits and give social event for Deaf Seniors in several lodgings in Edmonton. The worker also travels to Calgary and rural areas to meet with Deaf Seniors in their own homes or lodgings. The worker provides information on health and social services. The worker varies the visits from weekly to biweekly, depending on the wishes needs of Deaf Seniors.

Seniors Project DVD: The project for a documentary DVD on "Enhancing the Quality of Life for Deaf Seniors in Alberta" is available for viewing.

Literacy for Deaf Children: AAD strongly encourages literacy through supporting school-sponsored learning experience and resource development.

Alberta Deaf Youth Leadership Camp: AAD organizes Deaf Youth Leadership Camp for school age children 13 to 17 to promote their well-being and to encourage positive self-image as well as having a fun-filled week of various activities.

To Donate

Please send a cheque or money order to:

Alberta Association of the Deaf
c/o EADCC #204, 11404–142 St. Edmonton, AB T5M 1V1

Please make payable to Alberta Association of the Deaf.

Your support is greatly appreciated. A receipt will be mailed to you.