Alberta Association of the Deaf

About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission

The primary purpose of the Alberta Association of the Deaf (AAD) is to promote equal rights for Deaf Albertans while endeavoring to improve the quality of life for Deaf people in general.

Organization Profile

Principles of Service: We strive to develop high quality and services in consultation with national, regional, provincial, and local consumer groups and individuals. To achieve our objectives, we attempt to deal with issues at the provincial level in the following areas:

  • Advocacy: We are committed to ensuring that the rights and personal or collective dignity of Deaf Albertans are respected. We advocate for empowerment.
  • Accessibility: We are committed to supporting Deaf Albertans' rights and efforts to gain access to resources generally available to any other citizen of Alberta. Access to employment, education, recreation, housing, socializing and interpreting is vital. Language barriers cannot be allowed to stand in the way.
  • Awareness: We are committed to ensuring that our unique language, culture, lifestyle and values are recognized and promoted.

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